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New to the World

This little guy is just days old.

Winner of the Booking.com 2016 Guest Review Award!

Curious New Addition

Not quite sure what to make of this new egg.

First chick of 2016 was born to Jesus and Noel April 3rd.

Another beautiful sunset at the Ranch

Ostriches males put on an elaborate display for the ladies. Here is Gorgeous George at his best.

Guest House

Fishing for Ostriches

See if you can reel in an ostrich too!

Two week old ostrich chick takes a wrong turn while out for walkies and can't find dad.

It doesn't take much to get these 1 year old chicks excited.  After about 2 minutes they realize they have no idea why they're excited in the first place.


This pretty girl arrived along with Jesus on Christmas Eve and has been called "Mary" ever since. She loves attention and to be hand fed.

Gorgeous George

George is as big as they get.  Ten feet tall and 350 lbs, this handsome boy loves to display to the ladies.

 Ostrich Ranch

Beautiful winter day in the Mount Tipton Wilderness
A foggy morning 

​on the ranch.

Ranch Photos


This handsome boy arrived late on Christmas Eve and has been called "Jesus" ever since.  He loves to have his neck scratched and to be fed by hand.

New Chicks

These chicks are just a few weeks old and already almost as big as adult chickens. They love kids and to be fed by hand.


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Ostriches have two toes (emu and rhea have 3).

An adult male ostrich weighs between 250 an 300 pounds.

A single ostrich egg is equivalent to 16 to 20 chicken eggs.

An ostrich can run at 40 mph.