Ostrich Ranch

Colorado River Overlook on the Liberty Bell Arch Trail

Lake Mead, South Cove 

Trail to Arizona Hot Springs

Columbine Falls.  Add a half hour to climb to the bottom of the Falls

Lake Mohave

Pierce Ferry Airport (also called Meadview Airport) is a local favorite for viewing sunrise and sunset and it's completely free.

Liberty Bell Arch

There is great paddling at Lake Mead, Lake Mohave and the Colorado River.  Each has its own 

unique character.  All three have nice, private sandy beaches to relax on and enjoy the water.  

A cool respite from the summer heat.

The Colorado River at Columbine Falls

Kayaking and Swimming

The Cave Springs Trail is seldom used despite having some of the nicest scenery in the region.  A moderate 45 minute hike up a canyon brings you to a good size cave.

Do not attempt in summer heat and watch out for snakes!


Looking out from Cave Springs cave

Guest House

Guided hikes with transportation are available.  Among the many possibilities are:

Cherum Peak Trail along a nearby mountain ridge.  High up in the pines, it's a cool break from the summer heat.

Arizona Hot Springs trail down a beautiful canyon leading to the Colorado River and the hot springs.  Not just for hot springs lovers.

Liberty Bell Arch trail branches off from the Arizona Hot Springs trail and passes an old mine site on the way to a large stone arch and a spectacular overlook above the Colorado River.

Secret trail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Your host guides you through the ghastly fens of Tamasik wherein lay quicksand and treacherous pits to reach the gleaming walls of the entrance to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Do not attempt in summer heat or without guide.

Cave Springs Trail up a beautiful canyon to a good size cave.  Another cave is accessible via a spur trail from the trailhead.

Entrance to Cave Springs cave


Colorado River

Two fishing poles with gear/bate are available for rent for $25.  A guided trip to my favorite remote fishing spots on the Colorado River or Lake Mead are available for $100.


View from Cherum Peak Trail

Secret trail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

About 2.5 hours to the entrance of the canyon and 3.5 hours to the overlook of Columbine Falls.

Another great private fishing spot on Lake Mead.  Requires high clearance 4x4 vehicle.  Transportation and fishing gear available.

My favorite secluded fishing spot for Striped Bass on the Colorado River south of Hoover Dam.  Requires high clearance 4x4 vehicle.  Transportation and fishing gear available.

Ladder up to Arizona Hot Springs