Ostrich Chicks               $250 each

Sorry, we are sold out for 2017.  Check back next Spring 2018 for new chicks.

Local pickup only.  Delivery is not available.

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 Ostrich Ranch

​​All of our eggs are locally grown and completely organic.  No medication or hormones are used. Eggs are cleaned, disinfected and refrigerated immediately after collection.
One ostrich egg is equivalent to 12 to 16 chicken eggs and will take about an hour to soft boil and an hour and a half to hard boil depending on the size.

Fresh Ostrich Eggs            

$15 each, $10 each for orders of 5 or more.

         Egg size (typically 6" long as shown) will

         vary.  Priority shipping in insulated

         container anywhere in the contiguous 48

         states for $18.  Eggs are refrigerated

         right up to the time of shipping and will

         remain fresh in an insulated bag during  

​         shipping.  Please contact us for larger

         quantities and save on shipping costs.

         Please include your mailing address.

Ostrich Egg Shells                  

$15 each, $10 each for orders of 5 or more

         Cleaned and ready to decorate or display.

         Egg size (at least 6" long, 16 - 17" 

         circumference) and hole dimensions (less          than 1/4" ) will vary.  Six inch ruler shown          for scale.       

         Add $13 shipping anywhere in the

         contiguous 48 states.  For larger      

         quantities and to save on shipping

         costs, please fill out the Contact Us form

         and be sure to include your mailing


         *Decorative basket not included.