Guest House


 Ostrich Ranch

Sunset Tour (including transportation )                       Cost: $100 total (up to 5 guests)

The Sunset Tour is currently only available to Guests staying at the Ranch.

Sunset Tours have been suspended for now.  Please check back in September for prices and availability.

With entrance fees at Skywalk approaching $100 per person, our Sunset Tour of the east end of Pierce Ferry Road is a less expensive but just as rewarding alternative.  The roads are dirt and often in poor condition and not suitable for most passenger sedans but they are no trouble for the tour vehicle.  Sit back and enjoy the scenery while a local expert does the driving (and save the damage to your rental car).

The tour leaves the Ranch about 2.5 hours before sunset and stops first at Lake Mead South Cove where you can take a refreshing dip in the water and cool off on a hot summer day.

The tour continues on to the end of Pierce Ferry Road and the valley of the Colorado River.

Then it's back up rim to Meadview Airport (sometimes called Pierce Ferry Airport), a dirt runway ending on a cliff overlooking the Colorado River where it enters the Grand Canyon.  

On the way back to the Ranch, we make one last stop at a secret overlook on Lake Mead just before darkness.  

Great photo opportunities abound!

Sunset Tour of the Colorado River, Entrance to the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead